Sony SmartBand

Sony SmartBand

The one is designed to provide a connected solution for users who workout often and lead a very active lifestyle, the other is for users looking to enhance the functionality of their smart device experience, with the added benefit of tracking activity. 

The recently unveiled SmartBand from Sony, falls in the latter category, and is designed to extend the technological application of a users' Xperia device, according to the Japanese manufacturer. We took the Sony SmartBand for a spin, in order to test out Sony's bold claims. 

Xperia For Your Wrist

As with most fitness band and activity manufacturers today, the SmartBand favours a more refined aesthetic, with the sole embellishment being the silver metal tag used to fasten the band. The circular tag, is also embossed with the Sony logo, should interested onlookers wish to find out the band's designer. Sony has also incorporated thousands of fingerprint-like diagonal ridges, etched into the surface of the SmartBand's rubber strap. This design detail offers a slight change to other smartbands, but we found that it also attracted a fair amount of dirt and dust, all of which nestles in the aforementioned ridges. 

This means that a little time every two to three days will have to be made in order to give your SmartBand a good wipe down. The wrist strap itself is available in a large and small size variant (both included in packaging), measuring 250 mm and 215 mm respectively at their widest settings. Sony has also designed nine different coloured wrist straps for purchase, which is suppose to entice fashionistas into co-ordinating the straps to match their ensembles. For us the black wrist strap suited just fine. READ MORE

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